The End of 123D Sculpt Plus!

A selection of models that were sculpted and painted using 123D Sculpt+.

Well Autodesk have decided to scrap their brilliant app 123D Sculpt+ and think that sculptors will be happy to use their other app Tinkercad! Am I missing something here Autodesk? Tinkercad has nothing to do with sculpting and doesnt even compare or make up for what 123D Sculpt+ could do!

Why have they taken this decision? I don’t know! Obviously they can’t see how great 123D Sculpt+ is while everyone who uses it can see it’s potential! Go figure!

So my sculpting output will considerably decrease! Back to Zbrush waiting for the PC to start up! No more sculpting out and about on a an iPad tablet!

3D Sculptors like to sculpt on the go just like 2D sketch artists do Autodesk!


Blind Vampire


This is my final piece for the Sketchfab Halloween 123D Sculpt+ Challenge. As I’m involved with setting up the challenge my entry is just for fun and encouragement  and not to win anything.

Extra details were added by painting colour, bump and roughness maps on duplicate models in 123D Sculpt+ for the Sketchfab model editor.

As as always it’s best to view Sketchfab models on a PC or Mac to display the correct lighting and shadows!