Gremlins WIP Update 7

Gremlins 1984. Created in Zbrush.

A few more adjustments to the head shape after finding more reference material. Temporary teeth placement and a basic Keyshot render.


Gremlins 1984 WIP Update 5

Still adjusting the model features. The more reference material I find the more it needs to change. Currently working on getting the head right. Still using the basic colour texture as a bump map. Created in 123D Sculpt+.

As always for correct lighting it is best to view Sketchfab models on a PC or Mac.

Gremlins 1984 W.I.P update 3

Gremlin, 123D Creature & Sculpt+.
Gremlin, 123D Creature & Sculpt+.

Its been a while and it’s time to get the old gremlin model finished. Just a little bit of modelling and a quick temporary paint job as a test at the moment. I will be finalising the sculpting and moving onto a proper paint finish in 123D Sculpt+ soon. Any extra details that are not possible in 123D Sculpt+ I will add in Zbrush and then upload to Sketchfab.