George Gremlin WIP Update 3

George Gremlin. Created with Zbrush, SculptGL & Keyshot.

A little more painting, sculpting and proposition adjustments. Created with Zbrush and SculptGL. Rendered with Keyshot.

George Gremlin. Created with Zbrush & Keyshot.



Grand Moff Tarkin

I have finally finished the Tarkin model. Created in 123D Sculpt+ and 123D Design on the iPad with final rendering in Sketchfab. Maybe eventually I will correct the facial and polygon errors in Zbrush. But for now it’s finished.

As always it’s best to view Sketchfab models on a PC or MAC. Shadows do not correctly display on an iPad which makes┬áthe lighting look wrong.

Grand Moff Tarkin. Created in 123D Sculpt+ and Sketchfab.