Nien Nunb WIP Update 02

Nien Nunb from Star Wars. Created in Zbrush. 

I wanted to add a little more to this character so I decided to turn this Sculpt into a half body Sculpt instead of just a head and shoulder bust. Still in the early stages of sculpting with basic body forms and no posing yet. I will hopefully 3d print this one out when it’s finished. Created in SculptGL and Zbrush.

Blind Vampire WIP

A blind vampire design created to encourage people to enter the Sketchfab Halloween 123D Sculpt+ Challenge. It’s still a WIP but I hope to have it finished by Halloween night. Created in 123D Sculpt+.

As always to see the correct lighting and shadows it is recommended to view Sketchfab models on a PC or Mac.

The Sketchfab Halloween 123D Sculpt+ Challenge

Click here to go to the challenge!

Sketchfab has kindly helped to organise a Halloween 123D Sculpt+ challenge. It’s a mini challenge that’s worth a look! It’s been created especially for 123D Sculpt+ artists who are up for a challenge!

All information about the challenge can be found at the Sketchfab 123D Sculpt+ forum page.

Yellow Creature


Yellow Creature. Created in Sculptgl.

I recently came across a great sculpting program called Sculptgl. It’s a free program by Stéphane Ginier. It has a lot of powerful sculpting features that I have yet to explore but so far it’s a fantastic program that deserves more recognition! This is a test sculpt created in Sculptgl testing out it’s features on a ASUS Vivo Tab8 tablet.

Sculptgl can be found at the following link.


Street Fighter Characters

I have been working on a couple of Street Fighter characters. I have never sculpted anything from Street Fighter before and thought I would try a few of them. So far Zangief and Guile created in 123D Creature/Sculpt+ on the iPad.

As as always it’s best to view Sketchfab models on a PC or Mac due to shadows not being displayed correctly on an iPad!