George Gremlin

George the Gremlin from Gremlins 2: The New Batch. The bust is finished for now but maybe a 3d print will be made of him later on. Created with Zbrush and SculptGL.

The Sketchfab model is best viewed on a PC or MAC.

Different angles of George rendered in Keyshot.

George Gremlin. Created with Zbrush, SculptGL & Keyshot.

Jar Jar Binks WIP

Jar Jar Binks. Created in SculptGL.

Well he’s the Marmite of Star Wars. He may be very annoying in the film but I’ve always liked the creature design. So here is a quick work in progress of Jar Jar Binks the Gungan from the Star Wars Prequels. Created in SculptGL on an Asus VivoTab 8.

Yellow Creature


Yellow Creature. Created in Sculptgl.

I recently came across a great sculpting program called Sculptgl. It’s a free program by Stéphane Ginier. It has a lot of powerful sculpting features that I have yet to explore but so far it’s a fantastic program that deserves more recognition! This is a test sculpt created in Sculptgl testing out it’s features on a ASUS Vivo Tab8 tablet.

Sculptgl can be found at the following link.