Gremlins 1984 WIP Update 5

Still adjusting the model features. The more reference material I find the more it needs to change. Currently working on getting the head right. Still using the basic colour texture as a bump map. Created in 123D Sculpt+.

As always for correct lighting it is best to view Sketchfab models on a PC or Mac.

Gremlins 1984 W.I.P. Update 2


Gremlin, 123D Creature.
Gremlin, 123D Creature.

I thought it was about time to go back to the original Gremlin model I created in 123D Creature. I have started to add leg detail and now moving onto it’s back area, there is still a bit of tweaking to do in 123D Creature and 123D Sculpt+ before I start painting it but I hope to have it finished soon, then I want to take it further in Zbrush and add better detail and match the film puppet¬†proportions better.