Chewbacca WIP

Chewbacca. Created in SculptGL.

Another Star Wars character. This time Chewbacca from the original trilogy. About an hour and a half sculpt time so far. Created in SculptGL.


Admiral Ackbar – It’s a trap!

Admiral Ackbar, 123D Sculpt+.
Admiral Ackbar, 123D Sculpt+.


I’m currently working on Admiral Ackbar for the Sketchfab Star Wars contest. The scene I am doing is the “it’s a trap!” from Return of the Jedi. Hopefully I will have a full body sculpt with him sitting in his chair about to say his famous line. So far I have started his head sculpt in 123D Sculpt+. All final detail will be added in Zbrush due to the limitations of 123D Sculpt+. You can follow the progress at this link here or by the image above.