Nien Nunb WIP Update 02

Nien Nunb from Star Wars. Created in Zbrush. 

I wanted to add a little more to this character so I decided to turn this Sculpt into a half body Sculpt instead of just a head and shoulder bust. Still in the early stages of sculpting with basic body forms and no posing yet. I will hopefully 3d print this one out when it’s finished. Created in SculptGL and Zbrush.


Emperor Palpatine

Finally finished the Palpatine model for now. Sculpted and painted in 123D Creature/Sculpt+, model components arranged in Lightwave and rendered with Sketchfab.


As as always best viewed on a PC or Mac for correct lighting and shadows.

Emperor Palpatine, Created in 123D Sculpt+ & Sketchfab.