Nien Nunb WIP 01

Adjusted the head detail and moving on to the clothing. Created in SculptGL and Zbrush.

It’s best to view Sketchfab models on a PC or MAC for correct lighting


Autumn Mouse WIP

Autumn Mouse. Created in 123D Creature/Sculpt+.

A current WIP of a mouse scene. Positioning, scale, items and texturing still to be completed. Sculpted and painted in 123D Creature/Sculpt+ with retopology and combining in Zbrush and Lightwave. Rendered with Sketchfab.

Separate objects sculpted in 123D Creatures/Sculpt+. 

Creative Market Shop


I have recently opened a shop called Adam Sculpts over at the Creative Market website. Here you will find 3D models that you can purchase that I have created to use in any project you create. Take a look, there might be something interesting you can use. 3D models will be uploaded from time to time.

Halloween and Christmas props coming soon!

Shop link